Cosmopoli Publishing House

Cosmopoli Publishing House is a space where carefully selected books of today's and yesterday's writers are published, from us and elsewhere. We will privilege poetry and ideas, reserving two collections, Cosmopoli Poetry and Cosmopoli Essay. In the top three is also Cosmopoli Prose.
The Cosmopoli catalogue also offers titles from other fields of knowledge, at a rythm that is set by the ability of our editors, translators and collaborators. Our number one concern is the content, the substance, the living matter of the book. We are open to publication proposals, which can be sent to the email address Responses will be sent to authors / translators, no earlier than one month and no later than three months.

It may seem surprising, in an age connected with all the threads of image, color, sound and increasingly abandoned to the virtues of the virtual, that we chose the lack of any element of cover graphics, that we chose not to give a generous space to authors - with sparkling biographies, attractive photos and compelling critical references - but our choice is intended to be a first gesture of respect and honesty for the reader. For us it is a matter of editorial ethics to privilege reading, the act of reading and not moments of entertainment or pleasure of „artistic" origin. This does not mean that we will not make art books, where the image will go „behind the wheel", but it means that it is not our stake. We know our limits and we strive not to exceed them.

We have, however, a dream: whoever passes through to take something for his heart, mind and literature.
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